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Simply put a masterwork

To put it even more simply, it's ha ha .

Horsenwelles responds:

if i were gay i'd suck my dick right now

Way better than that garbage first part.

Keep making these good ones.

Mr 6 shot more like mr pee pee

u cocka

Oney responds:

you are a sick bastard

This is a life changing flash

I'm never gona play videogames again ! Think of all the free time I'll have ... I could take up new hobbies, like drugs !

Epic homage to your favorite series

I think it's grand that fans of the series are continuing the legacy of sprite-a-day to the next generation.

JonBro responds:

Oh, you! XD

Worst movie I've ever seen in my life

This is the worst flash of all time , maybe if you had some tweens it would have been a little bit better. There's no plot , just some music with some really bad animation on top of it.

I suggest you actually have some real content in your movies , rather than some lazy drawings of dumb stuff happening. I mean this might be passable as a first flash - but it's a shame you have spent a lot of time making this.

Then again at the age of four , I wasn't very good at flash either.

Fawx responds:

lazy drawings. lmfao. fucking hypocrit.

Wait , is this a piece of shit or a flash ?

Well the good parts was the intro and the music , but then you got the horrible skits all made by basspro55. It's filled to the brim with 9 year old faggot jokes , that try to piss on my balls - but i don't give a shit because i got a dick made out of string cheese.

Anyway , i would like to see an improvement in the quality of the skits and a better cast next time. Davidzx's part was obviously the only good one and it feels out of place in this - who's who of shitty animators on newgrounds.

Khonjin responds:

Why don't you love me Dad 2?


Nice work emanhattan ....

fuck my life

by the way sprite a week is cancelled - it's not sprite a year

PaperBat responds:

fuck my life, xD

this is like an underdog type of movie

great song ,but do it better next game

Hi guys rememebr to vote five on my movies so that i can bee a famous newgrounds! thank you very much

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