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Hi guys rememebr to vote five on my movies so that i can bee a famous newgrounds! thank you very much

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MeatwadSprite's News

Posted by MeatwadSprite - February 20th, 2008

New episodes of Ackbar coming omega-soon , starting this Friday. Sage Josh is reprising his role as controllroomguy once again !

Ackbar Returns for the a billionth time this today

Posted by MeatwadSprite - January 21st, 2008

This year i'm going to be doing a lot more video editing rather than flash animation - similar to my new flash movie "Meet the Spartans Trailer".

Also , facearone.

I'm back 2008 - New Technologies in Flash

Posted by MeatwadSprite - October 30th, 2007

I got a bunch of new movies out (most are really short) - watch them and vote 5 !

Also , my new big flash project is in the works : i'm still trying to find people , or come up with character drawings for it though - so that will come out in 2010 probably.

360 support said it's gona take another 2 weeks to get it back : which makes it 6 weeks totall (12 weeks actually) that it will take to get it back.

Remember to co-author me to all your flash movies for a grand prize of 100 billion dollars.

*here is preview picture of last arcade : hooker eddition*

New Movies + The Last Arcade + 360

Posted by MeatwadSprite - October 12th, 2007

After 4 weeks of waiting for my 360 to come back. (not to mention the week it took for the box to come - and the week it took to ship it out). I finally get my 360 back and play halo 3 .... for an hour. Then my 360 just freezes. I try to restart it about 60 times and it freezes again and again and again. So now i'm going to have to wait another month to get another 360 that will probably break again.

Take my advice , spare yourself the trouble just buy a PS3 and Wii. I just might sell my 360 and all my games for it and buy a PS3.

(comment on the picture : at least ps2 lasted 5 years before breaking - my first 360 lasted a year and a half , and then my second one lasted 1 hour)

360 Breaks Again !

Posted by MeatwadSprite - September 30th, 2007

My 360 broke about 2-3 weeks ago - pretty horrible timing since halo 3 came out this week. I shipped it out on monday - and the soonest i can get it back is 2 weeks from that monday. But i heard it can take up to 4 weeks - so balls .

Btw bought a wii to pass the time .

See Ya Later 360

Posted by MeatwadSprite - August 28th, 2007

The new ackbar season is now completly on . There are 4 new episodes out and one coming out very soon.

Ackbar : Begins
Ackbar : Mountain Soda
Ackbar : Bagel Time
Ackbar : Trap Light 2

and coming up next

Ackbar : Exposed

Ackbar Season 6

Posted by MeatwadSprite - August 20th, 2007

This is the first episode of my brand new series called "Ackbar" it's all about the classic star wars character ackbar as he does crazy stuff.

So for this first episode i explain how ackbar started his way .


Ackbar : Begins - a brand new series !

Posted by MeatwadSprite - August 7th, 2007

i'm fixing any errors and file size up currently

Coming Extreamly Soon : Me and Nomi

Posted by MeatwadSprite - July 25th, 2007

This project is going great . The chrono trigger sprites have really been perfect for the story . So far i'm about 34% done animating the movie. Not including the menus and credits i will have. The expected run time now is 13 minutes . But it could change.

Chrono Trigger Flash : Me and Nomi

Posted by MeatwadSprite - July 20th, 2007

NG Theatre #1 - The first episode of something that might become a series . Although we encountered a problem with some audio it should be fixed and in the portal soon . It's like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 for newgrounds flash movies . The movie being watched in this first episode is "Metal Gear Awesome".

The chrono trigger movie i announced eariler is about 12% complete , it's alot better visually than Popcycle Quest so it's gona take some time to make. The story is all basicly done though. Still don't have a title for it yet .

New Movies : Coming Sooner and Later