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Posted by MeatwadSprite - July 19th, 2007

I got sonic for 360 arcade a couple days back and i play it for like an hour a day untill now i'm in the final zone. First off , you start with no rings - and there's no way of getting any. Now robotnik is in the platform things that crush you and two of them launch at the same time - sometimes he's in one you can get to. Now the problem is there is this stupid thing that shoots purple balls at you. The further robotnik is to dieing the harder they are to dodge. Once you get to the end is impossible to dodge the balls and the platforms - and still try to hit robotnik. Whoever made this game needs to burn and die.

Can't beat idiot robotnik !

Posted by MeatwadSprite - July 19th, 2007

When you really think about it isn't DOA Ayane the hottest hentai character ever made basicly ? Here is a picture for 100% proof .

Ayane is the hottest hentai character !

Posted by MeatwadSprite - July 18th, 2007

I'm starting work on a new flash movies based on a script i had previously written for a flash movie. It will be animated with Chrono Trigger sprites like "Popcycle Quest" - but there will be no similarities to that story. It's a pretty deep story in my opion and should be one of my best movies. It will probably be about 15-20 minutes long so i'll have to incorperate a stop - play - scenes thing .

My New Flash : Two

Posted by MeatwadSprite - July 17th, 2007

Ackbar has been out for a whole year now , and it's getting close to it's 50th episode . Here is the current list of the ackbar episode schedule .

Season 5
#49 - Ackbar : Quest Saga 3
#50 - Ackbar : Epic 3 of 3

Season 6
#51 - Ackbar : Band
#52 - Ackbar : The Prequel
#53 - Ackbar : Pokaman 2

I also have some other movies in that i'm making that i will tell more about later.

Ackbar Aniversary